Almé couture doo is committed to keeping private data of all its users. Only basic information necessary for the operation and information of the site users is collected, all in accordance with good business practices and in order to provide quality service.

All user data are treated as highly confidential and are strictly kept, and are only available to employees who are required to provide quality service. All employees at Almé couture doo are required to comply with the principles of privacy protection. Personal user data will not be available to third parties without the prior user’s consent.

The consumer guarantees for the accuracy and truthfulness of all information sent to the Seller and is responsible for accessing his system and protecting his user information and password.

The Consumer may give consent to the Seller to notify him of his new offers, actions and discounts on his phone number and e-mail address. The consumer at any time, by sending a request in written or electronic form, may withdraw his consent, after which he will not receive the said notices